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A podcast network from the producers of The Geek Speak Show

A podcast network from the producers of The Geek Speak Show

On this network, you'll find shows where the hosts definitely geek out over whatever they talk about. Movies, comics, comedy, food, ghosts, politics...anything and everything that makes us who we are. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll get angry, you'll be inspired, you'll cry, and you might just walk away with a new view on life after hearing our hosts and our shows. 

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New episode every Wednesday


Started in August of 2010, we feature interviews with the movers & shakers in Geek Culture, plus on-site coverage from San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon Anaheim, Free Comic Book Day & other events.

New episode every Friday


Now in its 4th season, this is a weekly show where we talk about the Geek Culture news stories that may have been missed because of the bigger news from that week. Annie Yang, Madison Thames & Henry San Miguel are the hosts.

New episode every Monday


Henry San Miguel  discusses The Unknown as well as cryptozoology, UFOs and other fringe topics. Sometimes with a guest, other times with the knowledge he's gained over the years..

New episode every Saturday


A life-long Star Wars fan, Madison Thames breaks down the latest news, analyzes its themes, content & characters, and discuses what she thinks is coming next.  

New episode every other Monday


Join Katy & Mckensi, two novice witches, as they explore the practical use of witchcraft and magick.

New episode every month


Taking a look back , but especially introducing you to movies that made us a geek. Before Star Wars, before the MCU, before Netflix. Heck, before the Internet. These are the movies that make up our geek DNA.... that aren't Star Wars or from the MCU...

Coming soon!


Annie Yang's new show where she'll talk about...well, if you listen to her on The Week in Geek, you'll get a pretty good idea what she'll talk about.

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